Architectural Fiberglass
Our fiberglass technology has benefited the building industry in Hawaii.  
Working with the architect, we can translate his idea or aesthetic design
into the medium of fiberglass.  Working with the contractor, we can
translate our innovative designs into facilitating installation, saving time
and reducing labor costs.

One of our specialties is fiberglass forms for concrete.  Fiberglass forms
are warp free, lightweight and produce an end product requiring less
repair and hand work.

Besides planters, we have fabricated trellises, decorative screens,
decorative panels, corbels and modillions, columns, swimming pools,
enclosures and sheds.
The mold for planter pictured below was especially designed to allow for speed of production as
well as a finished product both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
Composite Fabrication
No job is too high tech for FOO W. LIM & SONS.  

The picture at right shows the Venus Impregnator
winding tape on a mandrel forming a 10 ft. diameter
ball on an 8 ft. Ocean Thermal (OTEC) Cold Water

This ball was placed in a steel socket to test the
feasibility of a flexible pipe joint on the ocean floor.  
The design engineers specified tolerances of 1/16 of
an inch on the radius and we fabricated it to 20/10000!

We have made test-tank models and prototypes for
Lockheed and we are on their approved bidders list
for high tech fiberglass.

The ocean atmosphere of Hawaii dictates a more
extensive use of fiberglass because of its durability
and easy maintenance.  Wastewater treatment plant
covers, aquaculture tanks, storage tanks, planters,
furniture, docks, enclosures and sheds of all types are
some of the things we have manufactured.

However unique your requirement may be, our
innovative design and engineering capability can meet
your challenge.
Leaders in Fiberglass Technology
The Lim family has long been involved as racing
sailors and built the yacht, "Sweet Okole," winner
of the 1981 Transpac Race, a prestigious race
first sailed in 1906.

In 1979 we built one of the first Kevlar foam
sandwich racing yachts.

In 1980 as Hawaiian Aqua Products, the
company built a fiberglass mold for an 80 ft.
whaleback sampan and a year later became the
first boatyard in the United States to use a Venus
Impregnator, mechanizing the process of
fiberglass lay up.  This machine can wet out
1,000 pounds of fiberglass per hour to within ±
0.5% of the resin content desired, which insures
the superior quality control and primary bonding
of a standard acceptable for naval vessels.

In the late 1990's we were one of the first
fabricators to use resin infusion process.  We
produced infused composite stabilizers, canards
and nose cones for Lockheed Martin's SWATH
vessel "Slice".

Foo W. Lim & Sons leads the way in cutting edge
composite fabrication.
First plastics boatyard in the United States to mechanize!  
The Venus Impregnator operating at boatyard off Sand Island
Access Road.